Coach Ulrich Bosetti

Trainer, Coach, Facilitator
Ulrich Bosetti Dipl.-Psych.

Customer Reports
  • Studied psychology at RWTH Aachen, universities of Cologne and Bonn, Diploma in Psychology

  • Project on transfer of knowledge at PH Aachen

  • Conceptual design, development and implementation of projects for the development of employees (a.o. Implementation and facilitation of assessment centers)

  • Since 1985 trainer and facilitator in the field of human communication in practical life for management and employee level

  • Having more than 20 years experience as coach for managers and private clients

  • Development and implementation of national and international Management Development Programmes (MDP)

  • Projects in intercultural conflict management

  • Branches: finance, insurance industry, medical systems, car industry, IT, energy sector, technical industry, chemical industry, universities

  • Languages: English fluent, good competencies in understanding and communicating in French, Italian, Dutch