Personal Trainer Ulrich Bosetti

Professional Personal Training
Focus on People

  • Detailed preliminary talk
  • Concrete analysis
  • Individual training design
  • Transfer to practical life
  • More than 30 years of training experience
  • Listbottom
Trainings / Seminars
To different topics

In a preliminary talk we clearly define the basic goal underlying your request for the training. It is my task to work out a concrete design based on your needs for the training. I will present the design to you and ask for your approval before we go to work.

The target is to ensure that the training itself is held individually and exactly in accordance to your needs.

The training itself consists of field-tested approaches incorporating methods from the latest scientific research which have proven to be effective. Therefore you can be sure that exactly these methods will be utilized to guarantee that you reach your goals by the end of the training.

This approach as well as future support implementing the learnt behavior ensures that your investment will yield returns.