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A selection and choice of exciting projects in the last years.
All these projects have been initiated by highly engaged people who were looking for innovative and creative solutions.


»Our employees are our biggest potential.
Working strategically as an employer I have to know about how our HR activities work and where in our organization we can identify potentials for development. To be the right partner for High Potentials we need an exceptional offer. From the beginning of the cooperation with Ulli Bosetti we were not only able to identify those potentials but to even develop them essentially. The continuous success of our organization shows that this is the right approach, even in periods with economical challenges. High performance is the result of high performing behavior of all individuals. «

says Pierre W. Fischer, CEO BEST Fluidsysteme GmbH, Hamburg

»Sometimes changes caused by new structures and restructuring seem to be the only constant thing in business life. In such processes I obviously had to face situations that I was no longer able to cope with and found myself losing more and more my ability of acting. The help came during my coaching session with Ulrich Bosetti and he helped me to find my way out of that maze. Professionally analyzing conflict situations helped me to draw the right conclusions and to successfully implement them. Ulrich Bosetti’s various international experiences were really useful to understand and handle cultural diversity dealing with people from different countries and to avoid dropping the brick. It was real good cooperation with Mr. Bosetti and I really like to recommend it.«

says Ulf Waag, Senior Manager Application Engineering, H.C. Starck GmbH

»Regarding the key aspects "Emotional Intelligence" as well as "Successful Conflict Management" we reached a new level of quality in the long-lasting cooperation with Ulrich Bosetti which helped us in daily professional practice as well as particularly in target oriented strategic projects to handle communication more open, more honestly, and above all more goal oriented.«

says Andreas Rüb, CEO Swagelok Düsseldorf, CEO RAiTec Anlagenbau, Düsseldorf

»As Head of global HR in our organization I work intensively together with Ulrich Bosetti. Together we built up one of the cornerstones of Top Talent Management in our corporate group ( the Management Development Program ) which is run in English and takes place regularly in cities like Budapest, Madrid, Shenzhen and Cologne. In this context Ulrich Bosetti has distinguished himself especially by knowledge in the topic of Leadership and the ability to teach that in a global context. Participants coming from all regions on earth appreciate his ability for reflection, his intercultural sensitivity and his team oriented style of teaching.«

says Norbert Schnettberg, Head of Corporate HR – Development TÜV Rheinland AG

»Continuous changes in economy as well as more and more complex structures in organizations and circumstances demand increase in “professional Leadership” to cope with the challenges. “Natural born leaders” are more of an exception and not sufficient. The confidential and personal coaching with Ulrich Bosetti now supports me and my ever-expanding organization since about 10 years. He made it possible to face challenges in the development of our personal and in the strategic orientation and to put things successfully into action. Ulrich Bosetti represents a reliable figure for personal coaching, training sessions and workshops. His understanding and empathy for intercultural relations in business and reasonable activities are of great importance for our organization. We are looking very much forward to our future activities in the development of personalities and leadership qualities. «

says Holger Eickert, CEO Swagelok Frankfurt

»The success of an organisation is based on successful acting of each associate. Therefor it is highly important that my employees do have the opportunities for development and the appropriate support from Ulli Bosetti. His coaching activities help us to develop our Leadership competencies and to establish new structures in our organization. Thus we are well prepared for future challenges and our goals for growth.«

says Reinhold Schuster, CEO Swagelok Stuttgart / Karlsruhe

»Implementing a corporate leadership culture as well as a corporate leadership style is one of the critical success factors in service oriented organizations to maintain sustainable customer satisfaction. Doing this we get successful support over the years from Ulrich Bosetti’s approach and experience.«

says Branislav Pavlovic, Director Security Solutions – TÜV Rheinland i-sec GmbH, Köln

»The success key to the cooperation with Ulrich Bosetti for over 10 years now lies in the outstanding professionalism to conceptualize individual, customer focused trainings and workshops as well as to lead and facilitate them group- and goal oriented.«

says Carsten Pöttker, Plant Manager Ingredion Germany GmbH, Hamburg

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