Trainings und Seminare bei Ulrich Bosetti

Seminars and Trainings

  • Practical Problem Solving
  • Conflict Management
  • Leadership Training
  • Presentation Techniques
  • Time Management
  • Team Development
  • Intercultural Management
  • Change processes
  • Listbottom

Practical problem solving on different levels

  • How do problems occur and how to watch out for early tracers?
  • Strategies for problem solution
  • When solution is worse than the defined problem
  • Problem solving on different levels
  • Problem solutions and how to think out of the box
  • How to handle paradoxical situations?
  • What to do if nothing helps at all

Conflict management

  • Conditions for conflicts
  • Conflict solution styles: Finding out which one is a suitable?
  • Picturing oneself/picturing others in conflict situations
  • How to facilitate conflicts
  • Resolving conflicts

Leadership Training

  • Future oriented Leadership
  • From Collegue to Leader
  • Which Leadership Style is the appropriate one
  • Making the right Decisions
  • Leadership Communication

Presenting and convincing

  • Presenting topics and yourself in a convincing manner
  • Rhetorical knowledge (argumentation, how to engage your audiences, etc.)
  • Speech (voice, positioning, gesture, movements)
  • Video feedback

Time management

  • Personal goals in your professional and private life
  • Time management and self organization
  • Identifying time thieves
  • Tools for effective individual time management
  • Time management and team (e-mails, meetings, etc.)
  • How to say NO without offending anyone

Team development / Teambuilding

  • Reasons for teams
  • Team development and team dynamics
  • Team roles and team tasks
  • Managing conflicts in teams
  • How to develop the team to an inspired team
  • Team motivation

Intercultural Management

  • How to prepare for correct behavior in different cultural environments?
  • What are cultural differences and how to deal with them appropriately?
  • Do’s and Dont’s
  • Intercultural conflicts and how to solve them
  • Handling culture shock

Shaping change processes effectively

  • Change management and culture of the organization
  • Create a climate for change
  • How and under which circumstances change happens – or not
  • Handling resistancies
  • Where to put the lever most effectively
  • Using the systemic powers
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