Feedback from private clients

There is a common approach in all problem solutions: courage for change.
Coaching people includes both vocational topics and conflict situations in private life. Here you find a choice of feedback from private clients.

»Coaching with Mr. Bosetti empowered me to organize my thinking and my thoughts, to identify my central theme and to work for a positive change in my life step by step. More than a year Mr. Bosetti accompanied me and supported me in the development of the concept for my future. He encouraged me to get to the bottom of accustomed behavioral patterns both in private and in business life, to overcome inner and outer obstacles successfully, to make new plans and to bring them to reality. Mr. Bosetti showed empathy for my personal situation and showed me how to look differently on difficult situations. During the coaching I managed to develop solutions personally and during implementation Mr. Bosetti supported me reliably. The energy and trust that I regained during the coaching gave me the needed strength for my new plans. I exceeded my own expectations and I am really thankful for the excellent support by Mr. Bosetti.«

says S. Kather, Lawyer, Aachen

»Problems in partnership, in marriage - you have come to realize that you can't talk anymore with your partner, you urgently miss understanding and distance is growing between you and your partner. I am really thankful to have met Ulrich Bosetti at the right time. In an atmosphere of trust he listened carefully and I felt understood. Talking with Ulrich Bosetti helps me to better understand the structure of my/our partnership and thus I was able to develop reliable solutions together with my coach. Mr. Bosetti supported me really empathically on that difficult road to start changes, to regain my strength and to see clearly the path how things could go on with me and my partner - differently, better than before, a chance for our partnership.«

says Gisela L., Teacher, Aachen

»Facing the necessity for change in my professional life coaching with Mr. Bosetti helped me a lot to orientate myself in a new way, to position myself and finally to take the right decision for my new vocational direction. His professional support helped me to define my actual state and in a personally difficult situation he had a great share in my at the end independent decision and to bring that decision into practice. I take the chance to thank Ulrich Bosetti explicitly for that efficient coaching, very sympathetic discussions and the mental support.«

says Jochen Hall, Senior Account Manager, Aachen

»While facing a vocational deadlock situation I met Ulrich Bosetti and from this time onwards I estimated his professionalism as consultant. Ulrich Bosetti has an incredible ability to immediately adapt the behavior of people involved in the problematic constellation, to elicit our motives and together develop solutions. I never have the impression of being forced to a behavior, or even :” if you don't act this way there will be no result”. His potentials lie in: concrete analysis, working out reasonable strategies for solutions, showing options and encouraging goals and giving a lot of energy.«

says Thomas Mantil, Master of Literary Studies, Berlin

»What really gave me great pleasure in the cooperation with Mr. Bosetti is his method of working in which he combines with impressive experience analysis and focus on solutions as well as empathy. Thereby he does not content himself with showing ways to new insights but also helps on the way to realize and accept this. This leads to openness for change which at the end is the basis for sustainable change.«

says Friedrich V., Business Development Manager, Eupen / Belgium

»Good morning, Mr. Bosetti. You sure will remember my problem ( customer in East Germany with special expectations ). During the seminar I asked for some advice on how to handle the negotiation. Although I knew my customer for many years this time I started the negotiation with some reservation. In short: I got the biggest order ever in our business relationship. It was obvious that your seminar was totally effective in regards to this. I hope you like my feedback and I really want to thank you for the successful day.«

says Axel Czykowski, Account Manager, Duisburg

»Ulrich Bosetti helped me at a time where I didn't know what I wanted to do professionally and how to combine it with my personal goals and values. He used good techniques and asked the right questions that helped me discover what I want and what my values and priorities are. He also encouraged me to be more confident and helped me to overcome some of my doubts. I became more positive and started to believe that it is possible to find the job that's right and to have the lifestyle I want. It took a little time and effort but I found a job I really like and I now live in a place that provides all the opportunities for my lifestyle and sports I wanted. Thank you!«

says Julia S., HR Professional, Calgary

»Coaching with Mr. Bosetti was a real enrichment and positive experience both for my vocational and my private development. Mr. Bosetti knew how to support me in an able way structuring my complex thoughts and the problems of daily business without taking away the individual responsibility for decisions. The coaching enabled me again and again to create new ideas and perspectives, to perceive things differently and to position myself newly and differently in occupational situations. It helped me to look at my own situation from a different perspective, to reassess it and to break new grounds.«

says Simone Bayer, Sociologist, Aachen

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